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Our Mission is...


To give our travellers an opportunity to really feel, see and touch Egypt, in a different and deeper way, leading to a level of understanding of ancient and current Egyptian thoughts and ideas that can still serve us today.

To uncover Egypt’s mystery and magic for our travellers, lifting the veil that can obscure the true magnificence of these places.

To open up new paths through Egypt for our travellers, showing them aspects of this country that can otherwise remain hidden.

To offer our travellers an experience to enjoy, appreciate and inspire.

To share our love and passion for all these wonders with… YOU!

We offer fully coordinated tours and expeditions into areas of both Upper and Lower Egypt that are often not included in standard package holidays for tourists and travellers.

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www.HiddenEgypt.com - Our Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives


Uncover the Magic and Mystery of Egypt... www.HiddenEgypt.com




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