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Full, all-inclusive packages, guaranteed to dazzle you!
All you need to do is book your flights here and back, and everything else is taken care of you, as we take you on a magical mystery tour, lasting one or two weeks.

http://www.Discover-Egypt-Soul-Tours.com/index.html One week
Any combination from the a la carte menu
Dahabeeya Dream Extended Version ;-) - like we said in the a la carte, the Victorians knew how it was done: no haste, your own sails, and all the time in the world to explore the fantastic sites between Luxor and Aswan and the tranquillity of the Nile.
Dance Through the Desert - from either Luxor or Cairo, take your time to really experience the life and sights of the desert. This experience is similar in set-up to our shorter trip in the a la carte menu, but with lots of extra fun stuff like Bedouin healing hot springs and sand treatments, camel back treks, and more thrown in! Let the quiet of the desert still your mind, so you can move to the rhythm of your heart...
Lake Nasser - from Aswan to Abu Simbel and back on that luxurious cruise boat - really the only way to do it, because you have to see these temples at least twice! This way, you can really come to rest in the stillness and vastness of this place… Fantastic.

www.NileSailing.com - Dahabeeya
Sunset on The River Nile, Egypt
Crystal Mountain... what a fabulous place...

http://www.Discover-Egypt-Soul-Tours.com/index.html Two weeks
Any combination from the a la carte or of the one week trips
Our fantastic On The Trail Of Ramesses The Great - okay this is the pinnacle of all we do: are you ready? We start in Cairo, and explore the Ramesses II sites in and around this great city, including Tanis all the way in the tip of the Delta; then we move to Abydos and marvel at this most beautiful temple showing us the legacy he was building upon (and behind!); then on to Luxor for some amazing sites (that Ramesses just kept on building… or did he really?) and his mortuary temple and tomb of course; on to Aswan on the dahabeeya to take in the out-of-the way sites and rest up a bit; and to top it all off, we sail from Aswan to Abu Simbel on the luxurious Lake Nasser cruise, building up to the final pinnacle: Abu Simbel, Ramesses the Great's own great legacy to the world! Thus, we first explore the centre of his Worldly Power, then the site of the Power of Life and Death, and finally the place where he accessed his Divine Power by making himself into a god during his own lifetime... And then we all fly back to Cairo in a daze ;-)
The Definitive Desert Trek - Skirt the outskirts of Egypt! Leave the cultivated and citified areas of Egypt behind to find a different kind of cultivation: the oases of Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya, Siwa! Take in all the amazing things on the way, a different way of life, temples, tombs, deserted medieval villages, magical healing springs, star-filled nights, amazing desert and crystal formations, old, old rock drawings and much, much more. You can even do a bit on camelback! Then move back across the top of Egypt via Marsa Matrouh, where the Mediterranean meets the sands (and we can wave at Alexandria as we go by (or stop a while if you want to)) towards the other desert on the side of the Red Sea. Refresh yourself in this cool body of water and maybe we'll even find a few dolphins to play with!

Desert Picture - Ramesses the Great


All our trips require a minimum of two people (or an increase in the price, sorry but that's life for the single traveller unfortunately). All the Dahabeeya trips require 4-6 people minimum, due to the mode of transport (you have to hire the whole boat). Single supplement applies to any trip that includes an overnight stay. Travel and any other insurance is the traveller's own responsibility.

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