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The 'A la Carte Menu' of Trips, Experiences and Adventures in Egypt

Use this menu to pick and choose your preferred trips, and to mix it all up the way you like it! You can put any combination together, so feel free to combine, for instance, two half days into a whole day, etc. Taking into account the distances and venues, we will then sort it out for you in the best way possible! All of our trips move from Luxor, unless otherwise indicated.

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http://www.Discover-Egypt-Soul-Tours.com/index.html Half days

Enchanting al Tod - a fantastic temple to the god Montu, just 20 minutes away from Luxor, seldom visited but incredibly ancient and interesting.
Marvellous Medamud - sister temple to Al Tod, about 30 minutes outside Luxor but in the other direction, beautifully preserved and with amazing life-like sphinxes.
Creative Garagos – close to Luxor lies this charming village that is the heart of a thriving pottery industry set up by Catholic Monks in the 19th century. Come see the monastery at its heart, the potters at their work, and shop in its dusty storerooms for ceramic treasures!

Ramesses the Great, Father & Son - the mortuary temples of these three giants: Seti I, Ramesses II and Merenptah.
Amazingly Wonderful Tiny Temples, Tombs and Shrines - dotted through the Theban hills are lots of tiny treasures; come and see!
Walk the Wadi - walk through an amazing lunar landscape to the very interesting tomb of Ay, the successor of Tut-Anch-Amun; and for the spiritually minded we can end with a guided meditation in this awe-inspiring place.
The Outskirts of Karnak - the outer precincts of this famous temple hold many surprises and magical sites.
Malqata Magic - explore the only pharaonic palace left in Egypt, climb the hills that hold more mysteries and feel the hot breath of the Sahara.
Climb the Mountain - from Deir el Medina, the village of the ancient workers, climb the famous Theban hills, following in their footsteps, and enjoy an overview of this mystical place - and did you know you can find lots of real fossils on this high desert mountain? Out of this world!
Astonishing Asasif - the most exquisite reliefs in an unexpected place - watch where you step though!
Authentic Upper Egypt - enter a world not for tourists, a world of simple pleasures, calm contentment and daring stick-dancing.
Soar Above It All: Balloons Rule! 'nuff said: what could be more magical than to take it all in from a higher viewpoint?
Pamper Your Spirit - treat yourself to some of the wonderful spiritual experiences on our menu: tarot, guided meditations, Reiki, and lots more! And to add to the magic, this can all be done in desert locations.
Savour the Souk – do you fancy some marvellous souvenirs but are you daunted by the idea of shopping in Egypt, with its different customs of pushy salesmen, haggling, bargaining and play-acting? Then come with us on a guided shopping excursion in the Luxor souk and beyond, well-protected by our years of shopping expertise. Enter without fear this world of fabulous treasures and trinkets, sights, smells and sounds!

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http://www.Discover-Egypt-Soul-Tours.com/index.html Full days

Any combination of the half day trips
Awe-Inspiring Abydos and Denderah - not to be missed: the Mecca of ancient Egypt, with the most amazing reliefs and colours, and the healing temple of the goddess of love and beauty!
More Amazingly Wonderful Tiny Temples, Tombs and Shrines - well we said there were lots of these hidden little treasures, didn't we? ;-)
Unseen Aswan - visit the ignored wonders of Aswan, Kalabsha, Elephantine, and the Nubian Museum.
Ramesses the Great, Father & Son, and the last great Ramessid - the masterful mortuary temples of Seti I, Ramesses II, Merenptah and Medinet Habu, where the last great Ramessid (RIII) made his mark.
From Cairo:
Bubastis and Tanis - unseen by most visitors, the Temple of the cat goddess Bast and the capital of Ramesses the Great are amazing sights to behold - plus the trip there takes you through a very different and fascinating Egypt!
Hunting the Pyramid Builders: Saqqara, Meidum & Dahshur - follow the evolution of the pyramids, from the Step Pyramid at Saqqara to the majestic tumble of Meidum and the Red and Bent Pyramids of Dahshur - and if we can get it opened up, the so-called (but still impressive!) decline at Abusir.

Abydos - www.HiddenEgypt.com
Abydos - www.HiddenEgypt.com

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Two days

Any combination of the above
A Quick Taste of the Oases - explore the fascinating sights of Kharga and Dakhla Oases, get a taste of life in the oases, and feel the vastness of the Sahara.

Under development - Amazing Amarna - make your way to the deserted capital of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten - and marvel at his majestic madness!

A Quick Taste of the Oases - explore the fascinating sights at Kharga and Dakhla Oases, get a taste of life in the oases, and feel the vastness of the Sahara.


http://www.Discover-Egypt-Soul-Tours.com/index.html Three days

Any combination of the above
Sinai Adventure - take in the fascinating sights of this desert peninsula - ranging from monasteries, sacred mountains, temples and beach side paradises.
Felucca Float - embark on a sail from Aswan to Edfu - not for the fussy-minded but oh so romantic!
Do the Oases a little less quickly… Take your time to explore the fabulous oases of Baris, Kharga and Dakhla on our spectacular three-day, two-night desert tour!

Dush, Egypt
Felucca Float - embark on a sail from Aswan to Edfu - not for the fussy-minded but oh so romantic!



http://www.Discover-Egypt-Soul-Tours.com/index.html Four to five days

Any combination of the above
Dahabeeya Dream - oh, those Victorians knew how to travel in style: the sailing vessels they used for their months-long explorations of Egypt are again en vogue, and the experience of sailing on them is one of the best in the world. Plus it affords you the privilege of visiting sites like Silsila and El Kab, which are otherwise hard or impossible to get to!
The Desert at Leisure - Five Days - explore all the oases (Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya) between Luxor and Cairo (or vice versa) and the sights and wonders they hold. See the simple life led in these fertile spots surrounded by sand, and see the amazing spectacles of the White and Black Deserts and Crystal Mountain! Also available in two Fantastic Four-Day Versions!
Lake Nasser - sail from Aswan to Abu Simbel on a sumptuous cruise boat (ooooh, the food!), feel the vastness of this man-made body of water and the contrast of it to the desert that surrounds it, and explore the re-located ancient sites that will have you dazzled and amazed!

Dahabeeya Dream
Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya
Wadi es Seboua


All of our trips up to three days require a minimum of two people (or an increase in the price, sorry but that's life for the single traveller unfortunately). All the Dahabeeya trips require 4-6 people minimum, due to the mode of transport (you have to hire the whole boat). Single supplement applies to any trip that includes an overnight stay. Travel and any other insurance is the traveller's own responsibility - please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more.

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